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Business Risk Management

Szigma IntegRisk® Software

Basic features of Szigma IntegRisk® software:

  • The assessment, evaluation and management of risks is carried out in an integrated approach that is supported by the modular structure of the software
  • Behind the system and the software there is a database which serves the efficient knowledge sharing thus contributes to deepen risk assessment and risk management culture within the Organization
  • It contains a standardized risk structure designed based on many years of experience, which significantly accelerates the identification of risk factors
  • In our philosophy timeline has an important role thus strategic, operational and project planning can be managed separately in the software. The assessment of risks can be carried out with different methods in different areas; however, the results of the assessments can be aligned.
  • Each module has a risk monitoring and controlling function. This allows the result of the analysis to be consolidated, which provides a cost-effective implementation of risk management activities.
  • Due to its modular structure, the software can be extended with additional modules. Moreover, the software can be integrated into the Management Information System currently used by your Organization.

Each module includes the following functions:

  • Consolidation (summary results of individual risk assessments)
  • Plan-fact analysis (comparative analysis of risk identified and risk actually occured)
  • Reporting (reports can be exported to Excel and PDF)
  • Cost-benefit analysis (collecting costs related to risk assessment, determining benefit based on the gross-net risk exposure)


Szigma IntegRisk® software consists of the following modules:

I. Strategic planning module

  • Benefit/risk evaluation of strategic alternatives
  • Risk based evaluation of strategic indicators

II. Annual planning module

  • Scenario evaluation of quantified annual plan

III. Project execution module

  • Activity based risk assessment of project execution time
  • Activity based risk assessment of project budget

IV. Operational risk analysis module

  • Process based module: risk assessment of process execution
  • Internal audit module: supporting internal audit planning

Introduction of Szigma IntegRisk® software

In order to make the Szigma IntegRisk® risk management software successfully support your business activities, the implementation phase is highly important. During implementation phase we support our Customers in the following ways:

  • Assessing business needs
  • Proposing the establishment of proper risk assessment areas
  • Building up the required configurations
  • Installing software
  • Training for Coworkers responsible for risk assessment and management
  • Support: on-site, online and offline contact