SzigmaSzervíz Ltd.

Business Risk Management


The saying is true: “every hazard is a risk but not every risk is a hazard”. The reason is that risks should not be avoided in all cases; they also can be a challenge. There are so-called upside (positive) risks as well, which should be taken into consideration in the course of decision-making.

Szigma IntegRisk® provides clear risk definition, which can help the user differentiate risk from problem, imperfection, uncertainty or hazard.

We have developed Szigma IntegRisk® risk management system and software to support decision-makers and organizations in issues mentioned above, in order to reach their strategic goals.


Szigma IntegRisk® – as an integrated risk assessment method
  • own risk database is developed
  • own risk assessment methodology is applied
  • integrated approach is used during risk assessment, evaluation and management
  • risk evaluation is carried out with the involvement of our Clients
  • our company has developed a software that can help your Organization to implement an integrated risk management system