SzigmaSzervíz Ltd.

Business Risk Management

Risk assessment

Based on Szigma IntegRisk® methodology we offer to our Customers the assessment of

  • strategic risks
  • operational risks
  • project risks.

During the risk assessment we povide our Customers the following services:

  • identification of risks by using SzigmaSzervíz Ltd.’s risk database
  • analyzing risks by qualitative and quantitative methods
  • selecting critical risks, which should be treated
  • formulating risk management actions to critical risks

  • Business solutions customization

    Since every single organization and every project has a different way of working, we offer a risk assessment tailored to the needs of our Customers. After learning about the operation of the organization/project objectives, we create the framework of risk assessment and management together with our Clients.

  • Preparation of risk assessment and facilitating workshops

    We offer our Customers help in preparing the documents required to carry out risk assessment (e.g. process mapping, project schedule). Risk assessment is carried out with inolving Coworkers into workshops.

  • Supporting risk controlling activity

    We support the delivery of risk controlling to follow-up the implementation of risk management actions formulated during risk assessment, to update the results of risk assessment and to measure the efficiency of risk assessment at the end of the risk assessment period.

  • Process mapping

    A systematic process mapping provides effective asstistance in organizing the business operations: duplications can be eliminated and a transparent operational structure can be developed. This speeds up processes, reduces costs and makes risk management more effective. We assist in mapping and documenting processes in a professional manner.

  • Trainings

    Our training program can help Coworkers become familiar with the methods and tools of risk assessment and management. As a result of participating in the training, Coworkers are able to perform risk assessment and management tasks on a high level.